Bigstar V2Services House Keeping

Our well-trained team of house keeping personnel (male/female) is reliable and comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of international standards for all your housekeeping maintenance needs at office, at the home, at the any working and non-working sites.

Our Objectives
  • To provide quality service before profit.
  • To pass customer's worry of maintenance to us.
  • To ensure longevity of customer's assets.
  • To ensure that things are at place, thereby doing away with the need of crisis management.
  • To add life to customer's existing structure.
  • To enhance Productivity.
  • To be in touch with customer's senses.
General Housekeeping services
  • Sweeping & Mopping of floors daily.
  • Maintenance of Furniture & Fixtures.
  • Regular Cleaning of window glasses, doors, tabletops etc.
  • Deodorizing, Disinfecting & sanitizing of toilets.
  • Vacuuming wall ceilings, corners & crevices on a regular basis.
  • Provision of toiletries & air freshening materials along with general cleaning products & tools.
  • Janitorial services covering all kinds of areas.
  • Garbage disposal.
Our housekeeping personnel are trained in areas of duties such as:
  • Housekeeping Maintenance.
  • Awareness of office standard/manners.
  • Obedient and aggressiveness.
  • Maintaining discipline and punctuality.
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